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In today's education and training industry, there is a critical need for streamlining complex processes to make them more efficient, and align them to the needs and sensibilities of learners.

For simplifying a typical day of you and your stakeholders, look no further. Built on the Microsoft® .NET architecture, EduCampus is a versatile, web-based, cross-platform system for the education and training sectors. It is a comprehensive workflow management, enterprise resource planning & business process automation system that seamlessly integrates and manages all of an institute’s key functional work processes such as student online enrollment, admission process, student demographics, attendance, scheduling, discipline, examination & grades, reporting, testing & evaluation and accounting. This product meets the broad base of needs & requirements for pre-schools, schools (Primary and Secondary nature), Ministries/Boards of education, colleges, polytechnics, universities, training institutes, training divisions of corporates and related tertiary institutes.

EduCampus is an Asia Pacific Information and Communication Technology Award (APICTA) winning product for education and training, which possesses unique & significant advantages over competitors:

Built on Microsoft® .NET platform, resulting in lower total cost of ownership
Superior integration and interoperability through utilization of .NET platform
Modular architecture, allowing clients to adapt the product in a phased manner
Multi-device interoperability - PC, laptop, PDA, mobile phone and smart card
Flexible deployment options - from in-house installation to ASP-based
Complete customization capabilities to suit customer-specific processes
Product developed on technology of today, while supporting future requirements
Ease of localization into different languages
Fully web-enabled, allowing for ease of secure access from anywhere through the Internet
Remote management, trouble shooting and maintenance
Highly scalable architecture
The .NET architecture allows for systems of differing standards such as Java/JSP, Open Source/Linux, etc,. to be easily integrated in a plug & play environment via linking through Web Services

Building Blocks

Single sign-on to provide an enterprise-wide access to EduCampus and other existing systems
User-friendly GUI with personalization capability to provide a customizable front-end for users, which they can tailor to meet their own functional needs
Application access control to provide an enterprise-wide security control and enable module-level security across the enterprise
Reporting capability that can address the functional requirement of all the users
Capability for individuals to access and update his/her own information and initiate activities
Highly secure environment for data integrity, with role-based system security
Integrated information systems with common user interface & presentation of data across applications
Online web-based application, combined with client/server access
Rules-based architecture which provides easy, on-the-fly customization
Centralized database functionalities, with complete archiving and activity logging
Rich set of user-friendly ad hoc reporting and query tools, with access to real-time data


EduCampus modules can be grouped according to the following categories:
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Architecture Overview

Based on Microsoft® .NET framework, the EduCampus architecture features superior functionality, enterprise integration, performance, scalability, reliability, productivity, security and standards.

Single Site Infrastructure

EduCampus can be deployed on a single site infrastructure for distribution of content to take advantage of reduced costs, more reliability and minimized administrative overheads.

Adoption Drivers

Substantial savings
Enjoy substantial savings in overall costs in terms of manpower, time and money through freeing up resources, automation and real-time communication
Reduction in errors and duplication of work through system data entry and consolidation of information
Improved process flow
Experience dramatic improvements in work processes and management of information through a fully integrated and automated system providing real-time information
Acquire the required modules, customized to specific needs
Customer Delight
By empowering the institution in the creation of learning content, management of learning and the delivery of learning, EduCampus provides rich functionality, user experience and two-way instant availability & flow of information with learners
Competitive Advantage
Enables institutions to be at the forefront of education and training using modern, cutting edge technology for management and decision making


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