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Institute Management

Human Resource Module

This Module is a full Human Resource Management System that manages all aspects of employee records - from the employee's personal information, timetable preferences/constraints, to seniority, benefits and days off. Staff and faculty can access private information regarding their salaries and update personal information based on a personal security clearance via Internet, telephone or kiosk.

Manage compensation adjustments
Monitor time and attendance, leave of absence, etc.
Facilitate past & planned staff recruitment process

Professional Development Module

The Personnel Development Module serves to manage and track all aspects of professional development and training. The system enables the building of courses on the institution's Intranet/web portal; track & intelligently recommend the personal advancement; enrollment for courses via the Course Management Module and the number of training hours/grades updated. The system can also automatically adjust the employees' salaries in accordance with the extra courses they have successfully taken.

User Administration Module

This Module is integrated with Single-Sign-On, & provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage user roles, user profiles and access rights. The User Administration Module monitors and logs the respective users’ usage of the system and tracks the data entered and/or modified with respect to date & time. This information can be generated by querying the log reports.

Library Module

The Library Module supports an advanced search function where the librarian, management, teachers, staff, and students can search for books based on the book ID (ISBN), title, author, publisher, abstract text as well as keyword searches. Features inclusive of reservations are permitted via the Internet/Portal, email or SMS. The Library Module also tracks all library assets as well as updates & monitors borrow status, return date, lost book, fines, lost book payments, etc., which are all updated into the student dues of the Payment / Billings Module.

Payroll Accounting Module

This Module keeps tracks of all payroll aspects of the employees, such as salary details, experience, tenure details, other places of employment as well as a host of related information. The system also manages all the taxes levied on the institution and its employees, inclusive of integration with factors such as sick days, vacations and sabbaticals - enabling the generation of pay slips.

Faculty Evaluation Module

Students may provide feedback and evaluation on the lecturer via the website, wireless PDA and/or two-way SMS. The system supports various evaluation formats such as MCQ, Word Response, Likert Scale, etc. The results are compiled, analyzed & forwarded to both the staff and the supervisor for information and follow-up actions.

Facility Management and Booking Module

This Module is linked to the Asset Management, Student Allocation and Timetable Scheduler Modules. It defines the types and capacities of facilities such as classrooms, lecture halls, meeting rooms, sports facilities, etc. It also maintains the master files of equipments such as computers, projectors, whiteboards, etc., and its asset value. Users are able to book facilities and equipment via SMS or through the Internet.

Alumni Management Module

The Alumni Management Module enables an institution to maintain lists of alumni, even after graduation, to include place of employment and current contact information etc., serving as a tool for CRM & other relevant utilization.

Membership Module

The Membership Module enables institutes to better manage its members. It allows applicants to register as members online, approves/rejects the application, charges and collects the membership fees, etc. It easily captures and tracks information of individuals, organizations, groups and sub-groups. It allows an institute to manage the member lists for any particular event, developing email marketing campaigns and mail-merges, etc.

Hostel Management Module

The Hostel Management Module is a feature rich, web-based, multi-hostel system which caters to room reservation/management, guest registration, managed hostel resources & general administration. Application for accommodation, guest account, guest history, night audit, point of sales, catering & room deposits are some of the functions currently available.


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