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The Challenges

Social, technological, and economic drivers are transforming education and training around the world. As globalization encompasses local economies like never before, the development of a skilled workforce becomes a genuinely international concern. And as human capital becomes the chief source of economic value, education and training become lifelong endeavors for the vast majority of workers.

Ever since the flow of federal funds into higher education began to slow in the 1970s, universities have been searching for ways to make themselves more efficient. Over the years, many business models— zero-based budgeting, management by objectives, total quality management, and so forth—have found their way onto campus. The recent trend is to leverage upon IT outsourcing.

The reason for outsourcing IT functions or any other non-core activities is driven by dollars. It is common for education and training institutions to decide that it is simply more economical or more productive to bring in an outside vendor to handle non-academic tasks than it is to hire and train in-house staff.

IT outsourcing in education and training can be divided into two distinct categories - one group of vendors manage software applications, including ERP, admissions records, and financial data. The other IT category is network administration.

Of the 112 colleges and universities that participated in a recent study conducted by a major research organization, 65 percent outsourced two to five services; only 13 percent outsourced five or more. More schools are slowly adding IT to the list of outsourced services.

IT outsourcing activity in higher education is forecast to grow at a 17 percent annual growth rate. Universities such as Temple University, Community College of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, and the California state university have outsourced their IT initiatives.

As more colleges and universities incorporate IT solutions, vendor services will be needed to enable seamless information exchange, online registration, tuition payments, grades and transcripts, and student & campus management. Education institutions, training institutions and training divisions of corporates now increasingly view information technology as a competitive weapon rather than an annoying cost factor. Success depends more and more on high-quality processes, which in turn requires high quality IT solutions. Executives begin to understand that IT solutions are pivotal to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Education and training institutes are exploiting advances in technology to optimize processes more rapidly, effectively and at less expense.

Quintegra Advantage

Quintegra’s Education and Training Practice, built on the firm's successful history serving leading institutions, delivers solutions to the challenges that the sectors face. We work closely with our clients to:

Analyze and improve business operations for supporting institutional strategies in a cost-effective manner
Maximize institutions’ value from their investment in technology
Enable institutes to gain competitive advantage through effective solutions and
relationship management.

Quintegra’s Education and Training Practice differentiates itself from other consultancies by our commitment to effective collaboration and expertise in delivering similar solutions in the industry. Quintegra is committed to teaming with our education and training clients for improving systems and applications and hence add value to our clients. Quintegra has been associated with leading global education and training organizations in executing some of the most prestigious projects for simplifying processes and improving performance.

Quintegra has developed a comprehensive approach to helping educational and training institutions address their strategic, technological, and operational challenges. Quintegra’s solutions provide:

Learners, the required knowledge and skills on demand, anytime, anywhere
Educators, the tools that can help in the creation of lifelong learners
Administrators, the empowerment to facilitate learners and educators

Our education and training capabilities include:

For Management:

Web Services for administrative applications to transform an institution into an integrated entity for operational excellence
Our CRM solutions helps institutions develop stronger relationships with their students, lecturers, management and other stakeholders
Our eGovernance solutions improve productivity and performance of institutions and fosters new and deeper involvement within the governing process

For Delivery:

Quintegra’s process re-engineering, custom application development and maintenance services empowers institutions deliver cost effective and efficient solutions
Quintegra’s solutions for streamlining recruitment process, e-learning, 24x7 web learning systems, examination systems and online education services enables access to real-time information across all departments so that students and staff can interact and find relevant information anytime, anywhere

For Technology:

Quintegra’s technology spectrum for educational and training institutions include data migration, business intelligence (BI Solutions), product implementation and rich infrastructure solutions
Our solutions support all of an educational and training institution’s technology needs in gathering and sharing of knowledge, information and data across the audience
Our digital asset management solutions replaces the traditional paper-handling system, which involves mass circulation of paper reports and receipts, and manual reworking of tens of thousands of invoices each month. This system also reduces storing huge quantities of paper documents, and streamlines the information sharing process

For organization:

Quintegra offers business & information technology consulting as well as Project Management Office (PMO) services for empowering educational institutions to boost IT efficiency, cut costs, and improve on project delivery in terms of time and budget
We provide organization-based systems such as financial & accounting systems, HR systems, administrative systems and campus management systems for effectively managing organizational operations

Quintegra’s Education and Training Practice envisages and architects valuable solutions for educational and training institutions, both in business and technology domains. Quintegra's products helps institutions across the education and training space to simplify processes, solve complex problems, mitigate risks and become operationally excellent. Our fully customizable solutions cater to the specific needs of education & training institutions across diverse segments. Visit our education and training solutions page for more details on our product offerings.

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