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Empowering a leading provider of education systems through a state-of-the-art school management system

The Client

The client is a leading provider of software for education systems that enable institutions to transform education into a highly advanced technologically-based process where technology can be used as an enabler in the ideal academic environment

The Project

The client envisioned an end-to-end school management system which shall streamline and IT-enable the processes of an education system and was looking for a partner to help major traction in the area of converting the vision into an application.

On the basis of our deep domain knowledge of education, resource pool with the relevant technology expertise combined with education process acumen, and rich experience, the client partnered with Quintegra for the development of the school management system. Through an agile development methodology, the envisioned features were further enhanced, new ones added, a robust technology environment and architecture were designed and development was carried out.

The result was a school management system that provides a flexible, expert information technology solution that can grow with educational needs and empowers institutions by increasing efficiency and lowering expense. Above all, the solution delivers the means to impact the real bottom line - the future of students.

The school management system developed is a comprehensive application software system developed to facilitate efficient & effective management and administration of resources & processes required to support the teaching & learning functions of an education institution. Value-adding modules developed as part of the system provide IT-enablement for school, staff, students, library management and facilities.

Quintegra develop a custom-made solution that not only accommodated the client’s vision, but enabled the client to continuously refine and implement new processes. Quintegra developed a solution that incorporated new services capabilities and a broad new spectrum of features and functionality.

Value Created

Quintegra’s product co-development methodology dramatically increased the speed and efficiency of the software development cycle
Unprecedented cost savings due to Quintegra’s mixed on-shore/off-shore development model
Development of a high quality, more integrated product as compared to other school management systems – in less time and at a better cost savings ratio
Significant reduction in time-to-market helped the client capture valuable market space
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  "I think your team has done a truly remarkable job. You have overcome so many obstacles, in such a short period of time, and become a highly efficient, inter-continental team!"
- Development Manager, The Worldwide Leader in Wireless Service Assurance Products
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