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For many years, license buyers have been seeking a streamlined, more efficient and simpler licensing system. License givers want an easier way to sell and account for licenses. An ideal solution should benefit both license buyers and license givers.

For simplifying & streamlining a licensing process and expanding the service base, our solution fits into your business model. The License Assessment System (LAS) is a computerized system to automate the workflow process of registering for license, exam schedule, processing the scores, issuing of licenses and tracking. The application is designed to be used by licensing organizations such as airports (for aircraft pilots and maintenance engineers licensing), transport authorities (for vehicle driving licensing) and other membership associations. The application helps licensing organizations to move forward in their eInitiatives.

The objectives of the system are:
To streamline the work flow
To facilitate online payment by credit card for customers
To automate the process that are currently manual
To reduce the usage of counter for registration
To efficiently identify and obtain information concerning various data items
To assist users in making data standardization decisions to reduce data item duplication


The basic functions of the system can be grouped into the following modules:
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System Administration Module
Examination Module
Licensing Module
Medical Assessment Module
Payment Module
Internet Portal

Architecture Overview

Adoption Drivers

Licensing process will be faster and easier, increasing efficiency and reducing wait times
Licensing process will be available 24/7 online, including those that were previously only available from a physical office
Integrates all key constituents in the licensing process
The accounting process will be quicker and streamlined by eliminating manual, paper-based requirements
Improves customer service to the public by providing faster & easier license purchases
Provides license buyer data for resource management purposes and the opportunities to make better decisions based on better data
Redirects the savings, increased revenues and reimbursements towards business enhancement

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