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Optimizing the hotel reservation system of a leading travel services provider through application reengineering

The Client

The client is a large travel solutions provider based out of Bangkok, Thailand since 1997. Their systems serve more than 150,000 customers annually, who require hotel reservations across the world. The client takes care of the entire transportation and logistics associated with customers’ travel.

The Project

With increasing customers, the existing hotel reservation system of the client was struggling to keep pace with the bandwidth and feature requirements. Moreover, existing features of the system resided in disparate environments, which was leading to high operating and maintenance costs. On the basis of application reengineering expertise and rich experience, the client turned to Quintegra for reengineering the hotel reservation system.

Quintegra worked with the client in resolving a number of issues and enhancement of their disparate systems into a cohesive hotel reservation system. Some of the issues resolved during the reengineering process included:

Identifying performance bottlenecks within the existing application landscape
Developing future-proof solutions in conjunction with a technology roadmap that would allow them to maintain or better the levels of customer service they have been providing
Integrating the various applications and data repositories the client uses, into a single enterprise-level solution
Re-architecting the client’s existing applications into an integrated Enterprise Booking Engine

Quintegra used its domain specialists extensively to understand the client's needs and the requirements of the new solution. After investing time for onsite study, the team formulated its primary delivery strategy. The reengineering involved rewriting the entire system using .NET, XML and Web Services. Quintegra designed the new system as an internet application, complete with user-friendly GUI features to address the need for a better working interface. Quintegra also designed and built additional features to the ramped-up system.

Value Created

The new solution enabled the client to scale up to handle a larger user base, while effectively addressing operational and performance issues
Thanks to the controlled execution time, and the fact that the team used innovative ideas to streamline the solution strategy, the client was able to reduce its time-to-market significantly
The new solution used a single repository of data. This meant that data input became much easier, since multiple external files could be easily and efficiently integrated, which in turn meant a dramatically improved data process in terms of efficiency
The solution used a template-based design, which allowed for a much easier reservation process, which ultimately led to higher customer satisfaction
The reengineered solution has a higher degree of maintainability, leading to reduced costs
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