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Quintegra empowers a leading Harvard Medical International associated institution through a state-of-the-art Hospital Management and Information System

The Client

The client is a leading medical college and research institute headquartered in India and associated with Harvard Medical International. The client provides healthcare, medical education & research services and is a recognized, preferred provider of healthcare services around the world.

The Project

The client has developed long-term plans to effectively utilize information technology to facilitate decision support and ensure effective governance of the organizations initiatives through leveraging upon Quintegra’s expertise. As a first step towards achieving the client’s vision, Quintegra has developed a world class Hospital Management and Information System (HMIS) that shall provide state-of-the-art comprehensive views at different levels of management and shall enable the client in utilizing information technology for effectively monitoring key parameters of their operations such as patient administration, materials management, finance, and HR. The HMIS also integrates with a number of the client’s existing applications and databases for providing single common enterprise-level architecture.

Unique features of the HMIS include a highly modular design which caters to different functional areas; user friendly operations because of the extensive assistance provided during any and all data operations; a best-in-class GUI that helps users navigate without a hitch; web-based architecture that supports 24x7 operations and makes information available anytime, anywhere; high level of security features and extensive help & user manuals resulting in easy understanding and usage of the system.

Quintegra has incorporated a number of modules in core areas in the HMIS for:

Patient care (including registration, in-patient management, billing, pharmacy, appointment scheduling)
Clinical support (including laboratory, blood bank, radiology, operation theatre)
Hospital administration (including stores, personnel, payroll, MIS)

As part of the long-term project, the client has also collaborated with Quintegra in the healthcare domain for offering collaborative services.

Value Created

Quintegra’s HMIS solution provides manifold benefits for the client including:

Streamlined operations owing to minimized documentation and extensive reduction in redundancy
Reduced paperwork
Improved patient care due to online procedures for effective and timely services
Faster information flow between various departments
Increased availability of timely and accurate information
Enhanced revenue management through effective billing services and exact information of stocks
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