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Quintegra’s offshore product development methodology made a cost savings of more than 40% for a major insurance software solutions provider

The Client

The client is a US based company dedicated to creating software solutions for small and medium Insurance Companies. The client has experience of more than 60 years in both insurance and information technology which has helped them creating their product lines and business solutions. The client was based in Princeton, New Jersey.

The Project

The client wanted to develop an insurance product targeted for insurance companies in the US. The company initially wanted to develop a base product with mid-level insurance companies as target end-users. The base product is to be enhanced with subsequent releases based on individual requirements.

Quintegra developed the insurance product for the client, based on the prototype, which will facilitate the creation of insurance products and issue policies. Since the requirements of insurance companies could vary, based on their business policy, the base product was designed using a 3- tier approach. All the business rules of the base product are integrated into the middle tier, which can be amended to meet specific requirements. The insurance product features inbuilt rating engine, embedded accounts management system, and comprehensive report generation system for policies, claims, and accounts.

The product is designed using the 3- tier architecture:

Presentation tier: Developed using Visual Basic. This tier, in turn, makes use of various GUI components, which can be changed in keeping with user requirements
Business tier: All business processes, computations, calculations etc. are encapsulated in the COM+ components. The COM+ components are developed using VC++ ATL programming
Data tier: This tier is responsible for inserting, updating, and obtaining information from the Database. The Data tier can be implemented on any operating system using Oracle / MS SQL RDBMS

Value Created

Cost savings of more than 40% due to offshore product development and maintenance
The solution enabled the client to increase the customer base by 50%
Easy modifiability, functionality, usability, security and reliability
Faster product launches by allowing new rules to be validated in a test environment against existing policies
A long term technological partnership agreement leading to greater value creation
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