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Quintegra’s offshore testing competency center empowers the worldwide leader in wireless service assurance products in meeting performance objectives

The Client

A global leader in Service Assurance management of evolving, complex communication services. Through its deep communications network knowledge, the company helps service providers leverage their network data to improve operational performance. The company’s proven solutions are deployed in over 200 operators worldwide and are offered by the leading network equipment providers.

The Project

The client has a suite of products both in the .NET as well as J2EE stream. The products are deployed to gather performance data from Switches / Network Elements and report on them. This tool also provides a wide analysis on the data captured.

The client’s product has to be deployed on a variety of switches manufactured by different vendors; the product needs to be customized to support various data formats and data access protocols. The product also needs to scale with upcoming wireless technologies and networks. There are numerous maintenance patch releases to different wireless service providers and network equipment manufacturers. The business challenges included, but not restricted to:

Scalability of the product to contemporary technologies to address performance / maintainability issues
Support on multiple delivery channels
Quicker time to market / support

Any change in the technology / architecture or customization / change request by vendors necessitates comprehensive regression of the product releases to multiple vendors, network equipment manufacturers and wireless service providers, apart from testing the new functionalities and features.

The client identified Quintegra as its strategic partner for performing the testing activity for its core application and the customized patches dispatched to its customers, on the basis of Quintegra’s strong track record, rich pool of resources, core competency in Mercury testing tools and process knowledge established through a dedicated testing practice group. Quintegra started a value-based, long term relationship with the client from early 2001 sharing their vision of adding value to the product development team in a cost-effective way through performing testing and quality assurance services based out of Quintegra’s offshore infrastructure. Quintegra also participates actively in the process development and implementation within the client’s organization on the testing arena and monitors the same.

The services provided by Quintegra in the engagement include:

Offshore Application Testing – Ensures quick deployment and fast to market implementation through automation of functionality and performance regression leveraging on WinRunner.
Test management, test case management and test reporting done using TestDirector internally.
The defects are severed, reported and tracked till closure using DDTS.
Data Server Farm – Closely replicate the production environment to triage and surface bottlenecks pre-production. This farm has secured access through VPN to protect Intellectual Property Rights.

Value Created

Measurable benefits for the client include:

Automated regression testing reduced the testing cycle time from 4 days to 2 days with complete coverage.
A rich pool of over 500 automated cases & scripts have been developed which are fully maintainable, portable and re-usable. The scripts can be enhanced and re-run for every release, further contributing towards reduced testing cycle time.
Executing the testing and QA activities through an offshore competency center, coupled with a flexible, on-demand resource pool enables the client to save at least 30% cost on their budget for quality assurance.
Test execution and Mercury-based automation tools used to perform the regression tests have resulted in increased productivity, thereby enhancing the quality of the product and reducing the installation time for the product from 8 hours to 2 hours.
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  "I think your team has done a truly remarkable job. You have overcome so many obstacles, in such a short period of time, and become a highly efficient, inter-continental team!"
- Development Manager, The Worldwide Leader in Wireless Service Assurance Products
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