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With the current forces of tight labor markets and concerns about talent retention, productivity & profitability, organizational survival hinges on its ability to manage resources, ramp them up, and empower them to be competitive in a continually changing market. In this environment, regularly evaluating and improving employee performance & productivity and training/retraining employees has become more than an administrative detail - it's now a key business strategy.

For sustaining and enhancing the profitability and performance of your employees, we have the right-fit solution. Built on the Microsoft® .NET architecture, EduCorp addresses performance management and training processes for education, banking, manufacturing, trading, government, consulting, telecommunications and other sectors. EduCorp caters to performance management and training management at the corporate level. The system is designed to be used by the human resources department of an organization to automate the performance management cycle and consolidate the training needs & course management for enhancing the overall quality of the organization's staff.

The system will capture the staff details from the existing HR system (such as SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, etc.) by using connectors, adaptors & Web Services and provide necessary templates & forms to capture all necessary information of the staff in the organization. The training management system will capture the training road map of the staff and enable functions for course management for the execution of the learning needs of corporate staff. Relevant reports will be generated to extract useful information from EduCorp.

The objectives of EduCorp are:

To reduce the inconsistent handling of data usage and extraction with regards to performance and training
To ensure correct interpretation of data items
To efficiently identify and obtain information concerning data items
To assist users in making data standardization decisions to reduce data item duplication
To provide senior management with the information of the data asset of the organization

In summary, EduCorp bridges the gap between hiring and retiring of employees.


EduCorp modules can be grouped into two categories - for performance management and for training management:

Performance Management

Corporate Goal Setting Module
Performance Planning & Review Module
3600-Multi-Rater Module
Performance Grading and Ranking Module
Performance Bonus Module
Increment Module
Payout Analysis Module
Probation Confirmation Module
Promotion Module

Training Management

Training Road Map Module
Training Need Analysis Module
Training Budget Module
Training Process and Tracking Module
Course Catalogue Module
Course Registration and Administration Module
Course Tracking – Attendance and Exam Module
Course Feedback and Review Module
Ad-hoc Course Registration Module

Logical Architecture

EduCorp, a new breed of software supported system that solves many of the problems of paper-based review systems, integrated with the legacy ERP HR System (such as SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle HR, etc.), helps ensure that reviews are consistent and legally appropriate, and supports best practices that result in greater productivity and employee satisfaction. EduCorp leads managers through the goal setting and review process, automating the tasks of tracking and measuring performance, and helping them with the most difficult part of a review - putting their assessments and development training plans into writing. The Virtual Learning approach is widely regarded as more effective than traditional "classroom" training, and ultimately results in greater productivity as managers are actually trained as they work.

Based on Microsoft® .NET Architecture, EduCorp consists of a modular suite of integrated applications with complete reporting and analysis capabilities and a set of services for integrating with your existing HR system. Multi-device access is enabled, with a common interface, that lets users focus on work rather than on learning new tools.

Adoption Drivers

  Pitfalls of Traditional Systems
EduCorp - Automated Process
Poorly defined or non-existent goals and supporting competencies
EduCorp facilitates clearly stated performance goals, in line with the organisational perspective, and targeted job competencies
Unclear and often legally inappropriate wording
EduCorp provides managers a model for clear language and a basis for developing the narrative portion of the review. It helps in identifying legally sensitive and inappropriate language.
Poor documentation
Through EduCorp, managers can track & document performance throughout the review period and take appropriate actions
Inconsistent evaluations and biased ratings
EduCorp provides consistent criteria & a systematic method of evaluating performance and discourages rating biases
Too generic and rigid forms
EduCorp allows organisations to centrally define performance criteria & standards, and lets managers create review practices specific to their business objectives
No stress on giving feedback between reviews
Leveraging upon EduCorp, managers can provide regular feedbacks and online advice & coaching ideas
Difficult to track and analyse results
Entire performance data is available for analysis using the business analysis tool
Time consuming to create training roadmap and difficulty in tracking
HR managers can easily create training roadmap for their companies, departments and individuals. With just a few clicks, managers can track the individual training schedule.
High cost and inefficient traditional training process
Virtual Learning System provides a low cost, high efficiency system where employees can learn anytime while they are at work

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